Bear and wolverine photograph hides

The photography hides are located a short distance from the Wild Brown Bear Centre ranging from 500-900 meters. Photographers have access to over 20 purpose built photography hides, providing numerous possibilities for photography. Therefore offering a variety of directions, photographic openings and various landscapes.  Importantly, the terrain is not worn, giving the desired feel of untouched wilderness in the photos.

Equipment in hide

All hides have a chair, bed, mattress, sleeping bag, duvet, pillow, toilet-pail and paper, 3/8” mounting screws for tripod head, and a heater when needed in April. Sleeping is possible in the hides, but when photographing, it is not recommendable to sleep since bears may come at any time.


Inside the hide, more than just one camera can be used because hides have many spots for camera bodies. The photographic openings face the same direction or in different directions depending on the hide. Two person hides have a minimum of four photographic openings, one-person-hides have different photographic directions for three and four cameras. A tripod is not necessary because photography is possible using the plank that is in the hide. On the plank, a tripod head can be attached or a beanbag can be used. If you wish to use the full tripod this is still possible in the two person hides where the front wall is oblique. The tripod head can be moved cross-ways on the wooden plank and hides contain bolts to attach these to. The camera can be rotated 120-160 degrees in photographic openings because its fabrics have been sewn together and there is no bar between the openings to hamper rotation. Inside the hide it is possible to change the lens of the camera when done quietly. When photographing it is forbidden to use flash or flashlight in any circumstances. Leaving the hide in the evening, at night or in the morning before the set period of time is also forbidden. All rules given in start info must be followed.