How to get there ?

Many Tour Operators offer an easy way to travel, with a wide selection of travel packages. Travelling is also possible independently, when planning to photograph or watch bears it is recommendable to book hide nights and accommodation beforehand by e-mail or phone.

Finland is a large and sparsely populated country, but getting from point A to B is no hassle. Transport networks by air, rail and road are comprehensive and reliable.


By airplane

When arriving in Finland by airplane, it is likely you will land in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. The main gateway is the Helsinki-Vantaa international Airport, but it is possible to fly nearer to Wild Brown Bear Centre to Kajaani or alternatively to Oulu or Kuusamo. If needed, you can order a transfer from the airport in advance.


By train

After the flight it is possible to continue travelling by train from Helsinki to Kajaani. More information about travelling by train from:

By car

Travelling by car in Finland is easy, from car rentals vehicles can be hired. By car it is possible to drive all the way from Helsinki, Kajaani, Oulu, or Kuusamo to Vartius where the Wild Brown Bear Centre is located. On the main road is the Wild Brown Bear sign, follow the sign to easily find the centre. Traffic jams on the same scale as central Europe are uncommon in Finland. The general speed limit in Finland is 80 km/h. Limits are in force as long as no other speed limit is signposted. On major highways you can drive 100 km/h in the summer and 120 km/h on motorways. In the winter months until April, all vehicles must have winter tyres, preferably studded. In winter the general speed limit is reduced everywhere to 80 km/h.