In the Kuhmo area there are also tours which specialise in photographing larger mammals such as; Wild Forest Reindeer, and Elk/Moose. The local nature guides can help you unravel the wildlife in the taiga forests.  During the daytime visitors can take some well-earned rest or take local walks in the surrounding forest. Some optional daytime activities will also be available.

Wild Forest Reindeer can also be present in the area, they have some particularly distinguishing characteristics which separates them from the domesticated Reindeer further north. Their behaviour also suggests we are dealing with a wild animal, and although very timid it may be possible to photograph these animals in the wild.

Apart from the bears, you may also be able to observe; Wolverine, Wolf, Lynx, Red Fox, Artic Hare, Weasel and Ermine.

Wild Forest Reindeer


Elk and Forest Reindeer 100,-/person


May and September

Duration : evening or early morning /3- 4 hours

At sunrise + 2 hours

2-3 hours at sunset

Hides for 2 person

Red Fox

Artic Hare, Ermine

Red Squirrel, Flying Squirrel