Bear and Wolverine Photography Tours in Finland

Wild Brown Bear Centre is a Finnish company specialising in Bear, Wolverine and Wolf photography safaris. The Centre has a total of 26 different hides suitable for both photography and observation. The area offers a great variety of terrain and gives the photographer an excellent opportunity to capture the wildlife at short distances against various backgrounds. Meals and accommodation are offered in a beautiful lodge on the edge of a large lake, located only a short walk away from the hides.




The first bears of the year arrive to the hide area usually at the end of March up until the first week of April at the latest. Big male bears wake up first, whose arrival time depends on the spring conditions and the distance of it’s winter nest from the hide area...  Read more


The colours in the beginning of May vary in shades of brown. Green vegetation exists only in the needles of pines, until towards the end of May when the ground has shades of green. In June ground is already covered extensively with green vegetation. In mid-May terrain is still wet from the water of melted snow, after the middle of the month terrain begins to... Read more




The Finnish summer is light, warm and green, the vegetation is lush and plants blossom. After mid-June birds breeding season is almost over. The birds stop singing but the broods of waterfowl can visit the ponds. The howling of wolves can be heard on calm summer nights...

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September is the time of autumn colours and an increase in cub sightings. In September bears arrive to the hide area earlier than in summer because competition for food is greater. When bears eat for winter they eat more at once, thus staying for longer times in the area. Due to increased visit duration in autumn there is a higher...

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Bear's cubs

Bears reach maturity at the age of 3-5 years. Bears can reach 20-25 years old in the wild. During her lifetime, female bears can give birth every 2-4 years. Females give birth to cubs in the winter nest in the end of January. The number of cubs is 1-3, rarely...

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The wolverine photography season at Wild Brown Bear begins in March while the bear season starts in April when the bears emerge from hibernation, with both continuing till the beginning of October.

The likelihood of observing wolverine depends month by month, but ranges between 60-90%...

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bear on the snow
bear on the snow